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screen-grab Katie Phillips video

I have been spending time this week getting clarity on my money story. Gulp! Did you know that your root chakra is linked directly to relationships and money? This first energy centre relates to our most basic survival needs and our sense of belonging. Unsurprisingly, as I dived deep (& I mean deep!) into my family history and hence my own beliefs and behaviours around money, I was suddenly hit with excruciating lower back pain (corresponding with the root chakra). I accessed fears around money that are so deeply at the core of my operating system that the awareness has had a physical manifestation. What we think absolutely affects our physical wellbeing! I have discovered belief systems – inherited from my parents and grandparents – which have been subconsciously running my life. The awareness has highlighted dis-ease in that area and my body has responded to highlight to me that this work is so important to the growth of my self; the evolution of my soul. I hurt and I know the pain will not dissipate until I find peace within myself around these old fears. As much as there is pain, I am excited too because I know that when we create such profound awareness in our life, it opens the door to change. We literally shine a light on it. I know that incredible stuff is around the corner for me because I am willing to grow and choosing to select new beliefs and behaviours that are authentically MINE.

Our quest to be the best version of ourselves is never ending! It can hurt at times but the rewards are SO worth it! What are you learning about yourself at the moment?

This week’s D&M video is asking you what you want. As I get clarity on my money ‘stuff’ I am also choosing what I desire to create in my life and that, along with the new belief systems I am defining are becoming my new focus. It’s time to focus on what we want, ladies. Not on what we don’t want. We get what we focus on. I know you know the drill….!

What do you choose to focus on today?

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