Grace Note I

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Bluebells in woods, The Grace Notes


Ok, so this is my first grace note which is to be a regular blog contribution about my pursuit of a state of Grace – elusive as it may be! I guess this blog is a testimonial of my Daring and Mighty journey both in life, as well as my own experience of the Daring and Mighty Programme.

So what is grace? And how the hell can I get me some? Like all terms, grace probably means something different for everyone. For me this Daring and Mighty journey is about achieving that state of being in-flow, of being connected and inspired. For me, a state of grace means being grounded, breathing deeply, being conscious of the moment so that I am more aware and non-reactive. In a state of grace I am at peace, I am calm and in this state I can listen to the whispers of the universe as they guide me in my true creative purpose. Well! That’s all rather a tall-order don’t you think? I might as well just chuck this blog now, as my busy life with my children, with work, with my husband not to mention my generally busy head means that said “state of grace” is so far from where I am at that it’s almost not worth pursuing. But… but… somewhere deep inside me there is a deep knowing that it is worth it. That it is not only worth it but imperative. It may even be essential to my very existence because I feel that if I don’t give some time (however small) to seeking out this state of grace, and to practising it daily, then I might come undone. I might find myself ill, unfulfilled, uncreative (insert other fear here…)

Grace is important. I think we’ve all had a glimpse of it at one time or another. You know how it is -when the grass seems greener, when things are flowing in your life, when you respond naturally with right action in situations and you begin notice it. When self-doubt is at bay and things just feel good; when you feel an immense sense of gratitude. Have you experienced this state of grace? Even for just a moment? Has everything felt right for you? It is my aim to find more of this state in my life and this blog will explore pathways of getting there and document my struggles with achieving it.


Grace notes are written on a musical score. They are tiny musical notes written next to regular notes in smaller notation. Grace notes denote sounds which are shorter than the actual note and exist to embellish the music. Alone, a grace note has no meaning but coupled with a principle note they create a richer tone.  This blog exists as an adjunct to Daring and Mighty – rather like a grace note.

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