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Grace Note VIII

Posted by on Dec 20, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Bluebells in woods, The Grace Notes


Right then, so how does the thought that it’s Christmas next week make you feel. Joy? Blind panic? My bet is that it’s probably somewhere in between. Christmas can be so much fun but it can also be quite a challenge to manage the shopping, the cooking, the entertaining, the family…

Here are three top tips for a graceful Christmas

1.Relax your expectations.

So often we have an idealised notion of how Christmas should be. We picture a highly stylised TV advert of a loving family (in naff jumpers which are supposed to be ironic but are actually just bloody naff not to mention invariably itchy)  surrounded by opulent decorations, a jingling soundtrack and sumptuous food. We want it all to be perfect but actually, although it is special, Christmas day is another day among many. It does not have to be ‘perfect’ and you can’t control others’ behaviour. By relaxing your expectations and bringing an inner-smile to the situation you will take the stress out of things and enjoy the day more. Other’s will feel your vibe and relax more into the day also.

2. Cultivate gratitude

Be so thankful for what you have and don’t compare yourself to others. Life is a gift and we are so lucky to live it. Be thankful for the food, the presents and the people. When you greet you hosts or guests say thank you in your mind as you meet them or say “Namaste” internally in your head which means that you acknowledge the divine spark within them. They will feel your warmth and gratitude and spread more Christmas cheer.

3. Don’t expect the worst

Our expectations are nearly always met. The universe will deliver them and so do yourself a favour and don’t expect the worst. Set an intention and expect that! (Expect joy. Expect Calm. Expect Love). It is one thing to relax our expectations but quite another to hold a vision of our own version of “a nightmare before Christmas”. Let go and Let god. Let things be well. With grace, overlook those things that irk you and be a helpful as you can.

Have a super Christmas! xx


Grace notes are written on a musical score. They are tiny musical notes written next to regular notes in smaller notation. Grace notes denote sounds which are shorter than the actual note and exist to embellish the music. Alone, a grace note has no meaning but coupled with a principle note they create a richer tone. This blog exists as an adjunct to Daring and Mighty – rather like a grace note.


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