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Grace Note II

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Bluebells in woods, The Grace Notes


So how did I come across Daring and Mighty?

It’s funny how things happen in life. We’ve all heard the old cliché “it’s all part of the journey” but I guess in every cliché there is a truth however well-worn. Life is a journey and we just need to read the signposts. There was a time in my life, when I was so unconnected and so filled with self-doubt, that it almost bordered on self-loathing. I was out of touch and graceless and it was all because I hadn’t healed my stuff! Now I won’t pretend that this isn’t a life-long process. Of course there is still work to be done but back then I was in real trouble. I hadn’t reconciled my past and I suppose I had a bit of a mid-life crisis at the ripe old age of 27! I wasn’t coping with my work, my seven-year relationship was coming to a justly dysfunctional end and I felt like the world was holding up a great big mirror to my face and I did not like what I saw. I was the culmination of my past belief systems, of my past-thinking and it was a very lonely and isolated place.

Anyhow, during all of that upheaval (probably Saturn returning – to you astrological stargazers out there) I did a lot… a lot… of soul-searching. It was life-changing. I managed to shed a lot of limiting self-beliefs and emerged a more spiritual person.  I was more conscious and connected and in the fleeting times when I experienced grace I could read signs in the Universe. Hurrah! This was the beginning of something big. It was my reconnection with a self-love that I hadn’t felt in a long, long time.  The upshot of this renewed self-belief was that I manifested huge change in my life. Things had gotten so bad that I had no choice but to believe in my future. I wrote about my goals in the present-tense as if I already had achieved them and the emotions surrounding this exercise were ones of sheer joy and excitement because I had nothing to lose. I knew that even if it all did not come true, I was already completely blessed because I had dared to change, to choose joy and leave unhappiness behind. Because I felt so blessed the vibrations I sent out surrounding my desires did not have any doubt attached to them.  I made it my business to consciously create a better future and guess what? My life radically transformed. I finally met ‘the one’, I moved countries, got married, I changed professions, I had two beautiful children and have felt so, so grateful. How could this all occur? To someone who had lacked self-belief like me? But more excitingly, if I could manifest all of this, then what else might be possible? Enter stage left – Katie Phillips of Daring and Mighty!

When I first encountered Katie, I was inspired by her message and her very presence. She “gets it”. I bought her affirmation artwork about Faith to remind me to believe unwaveringly in my dreams (very hard to do at times). I attended Katie’s inspirational ‘Fine to Fabulous’ workshop and on the back of this eventually ended up working with Daring and Mighty and ultimately undertaking the “Be Daring and Mighty Programme”, a three-month programme that I am in the middle of right now. I want to share with you much more about the experience of this programme as it is so transformative but first I just have to reveal the rather cosmic, uncanny way I came to reconnect with Daring and mighty – you’ve gotta love a bit of woo-waa!

I had been busy being a full-time stay at home mum for four years and my youngest had turned one and I was beginning to feel – (I was finally actually allowing myself to feel) that I needed more than what motherhood was offering me. Don’t get me wrong, I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to look after my children and they are – on the whole – an absolute delight but I was becoming rather flat and worn-down and I really needed something outside of domesticity and playgroups. So I got to thinking about returning to work and I applied for a part-time position as an academic librarian. I sent off my application full of energy and certainty but as the weeks ticked by, I heard nothing. Thanks for nada Universe! So much for manifesting my desires.

In the meantime, although I had not been in personal contact with Katie for about a year, I regularly received her fortnightly newsletters. The one that popped into my inbox that week was entitled Meet your Team. It is about our Spirit Guides and how we can call on them for advice and guidance in life. For insight into spirit guides, I highly recommend the post – here is the link http://daringandmighty.com/meet-your-team/ . Having read the post, I went out into the garden with my baby son and looked to the skies and called upon my spirit guides. I asked them to send me a sign about my job situation. I wanted them to send me a sign about whether this library job with its fixed hours was the right thing or whether I should stay home with my son. I asked the guides to manifest the job in my life. Bizarrely, within two days I got a personal email from Katie herself asking me if I was job-hunting as she kept getting my name! She was looking for someone part-time to help her in her business – cue twilight zone music!!! I firmly believe that this little bit of synchronicity is no accident and that my guides delivered to me exactly what I needed which is a chance to work for an inspirational person and business that feels aligned to my journey as well as work which allows for much more flexibility for my family. I did not even attend the library interview when they finally invited me to do so. This story does seem a little wacky but I just couldn’t help sharing it because for me it shows how if you put some faith in the universe, if you draw on powers outside of yourself – call it God, the Universe, whatever you like – you can consciously create your future. This is the Daring and Mighty message – conscious creation. More on the programme next time…..

Grace notes are written on a musical score. They are tiny musical notes written next to regular notes in smaller notation. Grace notes denote sounds which are shorter than the actual note and exist to embellish the music. Alone, a grace note has no meaning but coupled with a principle note they create a richer tone.  This blog exists as an adjunct to Daring and Mighty – rather like a grace note.

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