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Does your Heart Race?

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Newsletter May 02

Do you suffer from a level of anxiety? It is healthy to have a little stress in our lives but anxiety is a whole other ball-game. In its extreme, anxiety can be crippling; the sense of overwhelm is unbearable and the physical sensations of a palpitating heart and shortness of breath can literally have you on the floor. Perhaps your anxiety is less drastic and it manifests itself as general worry, tension, nervousness and discomfort in your body. While this is more moderate, this level of anxiety can be equally as debilitating to your sense of self, your relationships, and over the long-term can be devastating to your health.

Without dismissing anxiety or denying its existence, I want to put it to you that anxiety is actually a fiction. Yeah right – I hear you snort as you call anxiety up again but I’d like you to consider for a moment what it is exactly that you are anxious about? Often we are caught up in thought patterns that revolve around past events (which are out of your control now) or they revolve around the future (which is equally out of your control). The only real thing that is within your control is the here and now, this very moment and if we can focus on the present, we can begin to quell our anxiety.

Some how can be manage our anxiety in the here and now? I have a long experience of dealing with my own anxiety and the following tips have really worked for me.

Breathe. Take the deepest breath that you can to really connect into yourself. In doing so, be mindful of the moment; notice what you see, hear and smell.

Then take a moment to think about what you are grateful for. So often when we are anxious we forget how much we do already have that is supporting us. Reminding yourself of this can help you to feel more safe and secure. Writing a daily gratitude journal is a fantastic practise to help you feel more connected and secure.

Develop a level of spiritual practice – when I say this I mean connecting in with your own spirit. This does not have to be through meditation – although meditation can help enormously. What is really important is that you choose something that feels as though you are nurturing your own spirit – perhaps that’s through exercise, walking in nature, cooking, painting or reading – whatever works for you.

Create a sanctuary for yourself. By making your home environment tidy, organised, inspiring and uplifting you surround yourself with a very peaceful and calm vibration. This has a real knock-on effect in your own feelings and can help you to unwind and leave the stresses of the day behind.

I hope that this advice helps you and do check out this week’s video on this subject.

Big Love,

Katie x

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